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Group of Bioinformatics and Biophysics of Nanopores
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Team member  
PhD., Eng.
Bogumil Konopka

Title: Research Associate
Tel: +48 71 320 44 61
Room: D1/118
Office hours:
Monday 9:10-11:10
Tuesday 12:00-14:00
Field of expertise:
  • Bioinformatics
  • Machine Learning
  • Data Exploration
About me:
My research interests are focused around two main topics: 1) protein structure prediction and 2) the use of various types of data delivered by molecular biology in medical diagnostics. From the methodological stand point I am interested in applying machine learning and data exploration methods in various fields of bioinformatics. Currently I am putting most of my attention to processing and analyzing ONT MinION sequencing data.
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